Ivy covered property in Lambourn, Berkshire

The SiteDomestic property overgrown with Ivy. The client planted the Ivy years ago but it had become completely overgrown and out of control to the point where you couldn’t see out of the windows and the house had become very dark inside.

This was a 2 day job for four of our staff and we also had our Cherry Picker and JCB on site to assist with the work.

Work included cutting back and trimming around the whole house including around the doors and windows. The job was quite fiddly as the property had CCTV which meant there were wires entwined in the ivy that we had to work around. We also had to be very careful using hedge cutters so close to windows.

This was a very interesting job for us to complete and the customer was delighted with the outcome. The before and after pictures show the extend of the work.

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