Leylandii hedges in the Valley of the Racehorse

They breed racehorses here in the famous ‘Valley of the Racehorse’. They also train existing racehorses.

Work included trimming multiple boundary Leylandii hedges that were planted around paddocks 20+ years ago. Many had become too big and unmanageable for the gardener to cope with and they were loosing valuable grazing/exercising land due to how wide they had become.

This was about a week long job initially but the client was so happy with the work and progress that we were making that they soon started adding lots of extras on to the to-do list.

This was a beautiful place to work and was great to be around the horses; however it wasn’t a simple job – working around horses with large/noisy machinery was never going to be easy. They are beautiful animals and some of the horses are worth a substantial amount of money and needed to be treated

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