Residential Client in Hermitage

We were working on a mature Oak Tree with a TPO on it. This was always going to be a tricky job as firstly we had to get consent from West Berkshire Council to actually carry out the work. We filled out the Application Form online and once we had the go ahead after a few weeks, planning the job took place.

It was on the side of a main road and also near a roundabout and opposite a bus stop making this a very difficult site to work on.
We needed 4 way lights because of an adjoining road and roundabout.
We had to apply to the local Highways Department for the licenses for traffic lights and also to move the bust stop for 1-2 days whilst we carried out the job safely.

To top things off, there was also a slight boundary dispute with this tree as it was right in the middle of two properties actually sat right on the boundary line.

The day of the job came and it was absolutely pouring down with rain and very windy. Normally in these kinds of conditions, we would rearrange the job but with so much planning having gone in to it and with all licenses in place and traffic management booked, it was not possible to postpone and so we had to get on.
We had four members of our team on this job and our Cherry Picker to help make the job a little easier in the conditions.

The job was eventually finished and the tree looked great. Our team were absolutely drenched but in cases like this, it is most important to keep the moral up which and focus on the job in hand which they did.
The client was very happy and even the neighbour was delighted with what was achieved in such treacherous conditions.


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